Friday, January 29, 2016

Skild Recognizes Makers Against Drought’s Contest Management

Showing our appreciation While Skild likes to handle the contest management software for upcoming hackathons and competitions out in the world, the fact is – there isn’t enough time in a day to create contest software for them all! So although we aren’t in the background of every contest platform taking place, we still like to support the ones out there that make a big difference to mankind. That’s where the new challenge called Makers Against Drought comes in. Making a difference in California In California, there is a major water crisis going on. Because of this drought, a number of issues have come up – agriculture has taken a hit, plants are parched and people are losing jobs just to name a few. Makers of Drought is a challenge brought on by Samsung trying to tackle the water crisis in an intelligent matter.

College Television Awards Wait for Online Contest Software Submissions

Since 1978, The College Television Awards have been honoring students and their excellent work. The award ceremony is designed to look like that of the Emmy Awards and the judges are actually active Television Academy members. Skild has been fortunate enough to help with the competition management and online contest software in the past– allowing the judging process to go rather smoothly. Students enter their work, go through 3 judging rounds, and if they win – they get a cash prize as well as a flight to Los Angeles. This is a big opportunity for students as they search for their career and even in a sense, a foot in the door. Trophy What are you interested in? This next year will mark the 37th College Television Awards. But the time to enter submission is not over yet! Students still have all the way up until January 31, 2016.

Competition Platforms from KAUST that You Have to See

KAUST of investing In the past, Skild has been a competition management system for KAUST and has watched the KAUST Seed Fund be a huge success. Based in Saudi Arabia, the KAUST Seed Fund looks to invest in technology-based startups. Manager of the KAUST Seed Fund, Nicola Bettio said of the project, This approach is quite novel in academic institutions and is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. We need to support the growth of our startups beyond simple seed funding, encourage international technology-based early stage companies to move to Saudi Arabia and attract local investors and international venture capitalist to the Kingdom’s relatively young innovation ecosystem.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hackathons Build young Minds for the Future

While it would seem that most hackathons were made for people attending a university – not all hackathons are meant for those over the age of 17. That’s why the non-profit organization, Code 411, is using the power of hackathons to mold young minds between the ages of 12 and 17. Learning what we are capable of For the second year in a row Code 411 organized a one-day seminar in Bermuda called the Holiday Hackathon for kids to learn about programming, technology, coding, and more. “We learned about making iPhone apps, building websites – basically learning how to tell the computer what to do, “ 16- year-old Kendrea Dill said about the event. Jahde Eve, a Bermudian coder was there to talk about programming to 80 teens.

Patents for Humanity Innovation Contest Winners Set the Bar High

Patents for Humanity has recently closed their application process on December 4th and is ready to begin judging all of the phenomenal projects that were entered. This innovation contest, started by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), is meant to build technology that can help humanitarian issues. Past winners of Patents for Humanity have really set the bar high, proving that these competitions and projects are really helping technology progress on a humanitarian level. The 2015 Patents for Humanity 7 winners were selected among 5 categories – medicine, sanitation, energy, nutrition, and living standards.

Community College Innovation Competition Has Proven Important

Skild is so proud to be helping assist National Science Foundation’s Community College innovation competition for the second year in a row. But not only do we look forward to the future of this amazing challenge, but we also honor and respect the previous winners who worked so hard during their competing. STEM thinking Those enrolled in community colleges have the opportunity to provide their profound ideas through science, technology, engineering, and math to help solve actual real problems. During last year’s competition – the winners showed more than promising results.