Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Children’s Prize Innovation Competition Looks Back at Previous Year

Bring down the child mortality rate Children are the leaders of the future, and making sure they can survive long enough to make it to adulthood is a responsibility we must take on. Everyday children don’t make it to the age of 5 for purposes that are preventable. On average, 16,000 children die a day! This shouldn’t be happening which is the exact reason that the Children’s Prize Foundation has created an innovation competition – to find ways ensuring more children will live so that the child mortality rate is greatly reduced. Can you believe that the amount of children dying each day is equal to 11 deaths every minute? It’s an awful thought to have, but it’s happening. With this information we should be doing everything we can to stop such a horrific epidemic from occurring – especially when many of those deaths occur from treatable situations.

You’ll Want to Get Involved With the Crash the Parties Competition Platform

The 2016 presidential candidates this year have so far been quite the interesting group. Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to interview the frontrunners and find out all the answers to your burning questions? Now with the 2016 Crash The Parties 2016, powered by Skild’s competition software, you could win a chance to actually make this dream happen! By entering a video discussing why you deserve to go, your video could get you selected to report at the Democratic and Republican National conventions. Here’s what you have to do: 1. Make a video! Take a video with your phone if you have to and explain the details on why you want to be talking to the presidential nominees. 2. Submit it! This doesn’t really need an explanation because it’s as simple as that! Enter your video and you are basically halfway done.

Sanitation Challenge for Ghana – Just One Other Online Contest Software Ideas to Impact Creates

Skild likes to always recognize competitions that make a difference in our world. One that has held a special place in this online contest software’s heart is the Dreampipe challenge. Its goal is to tackle the issue of controlling non-revenue water (NRW) better in areas that are under developed. One of the largest issues that has to do with NRW is that these water companies don’t have enough finances to sustain themselves. This makes it rather difficult to function properly and thus Ideas to Impact, a program focused on finding solutions to water, sanitation, and energy issues in underdeveloped countries, created the Dreampipe innovation challenge to solve these NRW issues. Ideas to Impact is a program that builds many challenges. One in particular that caught our eye was the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana that focuses on finding a way to manage liquid waste in communities of underdeveloped areas.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Study Behind KaBOOM! Contest Platform to Make Cities More Playable

Kids need imagination and an active life. Without it, their development is limited. Many studies have shown that it is crucial for kids to have more active play in their life because children really need that stimulation to help build a creative mind. That’s why KaBOOM!, a competition set up by Skild’s contest management software, has created a challenge aimed at finding a solution to this problem. The KaBOOM! contest platform has built this challenge in hope to find the best ways to incorporate play for kids in everyday situations. Some of those ways could be placed in:

• Sidewalks
• Vacant lots
• Bus stops
• Open streets

Unfortunately, not all children are lucky enough to get a lot of playtime. Depending on the community that they are born into, they may get less time for play outside because they are located somewhere that isn’t safe.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Skild Delves into Winners of the 2016 Enter Prize Innovation Contest Ideas

Good businesses don’t always make it – and it’s a shame that happens. Many entrepreneurs have trouble getting their business to progress because they lack the resources to do it. Now with the 2016 Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge, this innovation contest has awarded participants from either already existing businesses or new ones both with brilliant plans. 7 companies went away with more money then they came with, two of which left with $100,000 each. Those two were Libby Lane Leather and Battle Beaver Customs.

Libby Lane Leather, is basically a one-person business. Libby Lane, the 29-year old founder and owner, was the only woman at the event to present her hand crafted leather company. Because she is one of the winners of this years challenge, Lane can do all the things she hasn’t been able to with the generous grant she received. For one thing: Get employees. “I plan to hire three this year, and then from there, three a year,” Lane stated.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Rowan University’s ProfHacks Hackathon Recognizes 3 Ideas

If you are interested in creating better ways to live through the use of technology, then being a part of a hackathon is a must for you. Many engineering students at Rowan University felt that it was a good idea to get one of their very own started and a recently on March 12-13, their first hackathon was born – ProfHacks!

Most hackathons are given a short time period to come up with an idea and actually build it. The participants of ProfHacks were given 24 hours to complete their projects and submit them in time for judging. While hundreds of projects were brilliant.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Check Out University of Washington’s 1st Health Innovation Competition

Recently, the University of Washington held its very first innovation competition on March 3 of this year. The contests purpose was meant to find solutions to existing health issues such as finding new ways for care and treatment, creative new products, and any ways that could help people live healthier lives. This may have been the first year, but their results were better than expected. Not just business students 100 judges from the health competition had chosen between 34 groups from five different colleges that had applied. The judges chose 18 teams that were very diverse. In fact, the students came from all kinds of departments from business, design, biomedical informatics, and more.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Registration Open for 43North through Online Contest Software

43North is back again to award businesses looking to make a clean energy impact to Buffalo, New York. Governor Cuomo proudly stated, “After two years, the 43North competition has attracted some of the world’s brightest and most innovative entrepreneurs to Buffalo and in year three, we will continue to carry the momentum forward.” 43North is a generous competition that through its online contest software, finalists are chosen and given money to complete their epic projects. The winner alone will receive $1 million and the next in line will receive $600,000. The other finalists will receive less but still a grand amount of money. But the moola isn’t the only reason why participating in 43North is worth it. A part from doing the state of New York a solid, by creating energy efficient businesses and jobs, 43North gives the winners.