Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sanitation Challenge for Ghana – Just One Other Online Contest Software Ideas to Impact Creates

Skild likes to always recognize competitions that make a difference in our world. One that has held a special place in this online contest software’s heart is the Dreampipe challenge. Its goal is to tackle the issue of controlling non-revenue water (NRW) better in areas that are under developed. One of the largest issues that has to do with NRW is that these water companies don’t have enough finances to sustain themselves. This makes it rather difficult to function properly and thus Ideas to Impact, a program focused on finding solutions to water, sanitation, and energy issues in underdeveloped countries, created the Dreampipe innovation challenge to solve these NRW issues. Ideas to Impact is a program that builds many challenges. One in particular that caught our eye was the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana that focuses on finding a way to manage liquid waste in communities of underdeveloped areas.

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