Thursday, August 13, 2015

Never underestimate your customer base. Hold an online contest and see

The belief that “customers are your biggest asset” has never been more true. Not only is their purchasing power what keeps you afloat, but also their ability to spread the word about your businesses products and services is unparalleled. Making sure you never underestimate the power and creativity of your customer base is important to the longevity of your business. Holding an online contest is the best way to tap into the army of loyal curators that already love your product. Know how to engage them is the ultimate key! Last year Starbucks (a brand that isn’t hurting for exposure) launched a “White Cup Contest” where fans were encouraged to paint on a blank Starbucks white cup and submit pictures of their art to Instagram. The company received an amazing upswing of brand recognition and engagement. GoPro also has an ongoing video contest “Video of the Day” that highlights their customers’ creations on a daily basis.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Having trouble with inspiration? Idea contests will boost business!

As a business owner you know that staying constantly inspired is next to impossible. The temptation to burnout is sometimes a daily battle. Reciting affirmations can only go so far and you may be feeling too close to your own project to conjure up even a hint of ingenuity or innovation. The tendency to wait for inspiration rather than create it, is something we all fall into. We think that inspiration is based on some sort of magic or special limited physiology that happens to us. Knowing a few different ways to manufacture inspiration can help you and you business grow. The first way to get the inspiration juices flowing is to simply get moving. A study done by the University of British Columbia found that when elderly women do aerobic exercise, it boosts activity in the part of the brain that is the center of emotion, memory and the autonomic nervous system. The release of endorphins also helps prevent depression and increases energy levels.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Having reliable contest management helps organize any video contest

Knowing exactly what people want is a good place to start when you begin thinking about launching an online contest. In that same regard, it is also very important to know exactly what you want to gain through your contest effort. Considering the aforementioned prior to your effort will better help your company with execution. It will allow you to know what sort of contest management software or contest platform you need in order to house your project.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Creative contest ideas are the best way to engage your customer base

Note to business owners: The Internet is here for you! Alongside all of the cat videos and selfie snapshots, there is a digital realm out there that can change the way you do business forever. Any idea that you have to promote your businesses products or services is literally at your fingertips. One of the best ways to promote your brand is to try to find ways for your customers interact with your product and be seen doing it. Currently The International Frozen Yogurt Association is holding an online contest to find the world’s best froyo swirling stars. As crazy as that last sentence seems, it really is an amazing way to integrate a company’s product, customer base and digital marketing. Finding unique ways for your customer base to interact with your products or services is the key to getting you message across clearly.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Competition software makes it easy to stay on track with your goals!

There are so many things to think about when you are an entrepreneur. Gone are the days of just having to show up for class or work. The “nine to five” no longer exists and it has now been replaced with the “6 to 10,” or later. “Leaving your work at work,” is a silly saying that non-entrepreneurs muddle to themselves. You are in the think of it now and you are responsible for it all; doing the books, marketing, sweeping and mopping. Here’s a few tips to keep you going the right direction. You’ve already taken the risk so make sure you’re doing work you care about. Why else get involved in something just for the mere idea of making money? Steve Jobs noted, “The only way to be satisfied in your life is to do work that you truly believe in.”

Monday, August 3, 2015

Business competitions are one way that business can engage customers.

In the world of marketing, the doors have never been as open as they currently are. Having the power to virtually enter everyone’s home via the Internet, the ability to really connect with you audience and customer base has never been better. Not only are you able to put your product on display, but you are also in the position to have full control over your message and even have your customers help you sell! Think about it this way, back in the old days you would place an ad in a local newspaper or periodical. You’d have to hope your ad would jump off the page and get the attention of your potential customer. Then, that potential customer would have to either immediately act by giving you a call or wait until later. By the time they get around to thinking about your product again, they’d have to retrace their steps, flip through the publication and find your number again. It’s amazing that anyone ever sold anything.