Monday, April 24, 2017

OtterHacks Online Contest Software Slated for Late April in Monterey, CA

If you’re going to attend a hackathon, why not pick one in a gorgeous location? Sure, you’ll be inside working away for much of the time. But when you step outside for a break… ahhh! Monterey, California, on the state’s rocky central coast, is one such ahhh-inducing site. That’s where the OtterHacks Hackathon will take place April 21-23.

About OtterHacks

A group of 150 students will collaborate to come up with unique, fresh, and innovative ideas. From writing groundbreaking code to finding new ways to use the latest online contest software, these hackers will be blazing a trail into the future. Yes, that’s a pretty dramatic statement, and yes, it’s absolutely true. Event organizers advocate “learning through doing,” and there’s no doubt this group will be doing amazing things. Read more from this blog.

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