Monday, November 16, 2015

Ages 7-18 Join Innovation Contest to Fight Fire With Creativity

When it comes to fires in the home – they are at the top of the list for disaster threats in America. Not even Earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados combined have the same high mortality rate as home fires do. In most cases, a home fire is preventable - so how can we prevent them from occurring and taking lives? Founder and CEO of Project Paradigm, Jeff Richardson, strongly believes that the youth of our generation can make a difference. There are 2.3 billion young adults on the planet according to the 2015 census and that means there are more than enough young minds with fresh ideas that can participate. Richardson wanted to design an event that would challenge the younger population and help them realize the importance they have on the world and major social issues. What better way then through a contest that has extreme potential to prevent injuries and fatalities from home fires?

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