Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Right Step Online Contest Management Provides Students With the Best Math Education

On May 19, Deloitte University announced the winners for their Right Step Innovation Prize –Reasoning Mind. According to vice chairman of US Life Sciences & Health Care and Corporate Citizenship Education champion, Deloitte LLP, Bill Copeland, “Research shows that mathematics instruction in the US requires a comprehensive approach to be successful. And, we know that math learning is a key indicator to future student success and achievement.” Reasoning Mind is an organization that is dedicated to that exact cause - providing children with the best math education. With Skild’s online contest management work, Deloitte was able to properly judge the contestants and help push the pathway for math learning. Dynamic learning John Levis, the Global Chief Innovation Officer of Deloitte expressed how outstanding Reasoning Mind was: “Deloitte’s judges were impressed by Reasoning Mind’s dynamic online learning system which adjusts moment-to-moment to respond to student’s ongoing performan

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